Drop Shipping and Ordering Item Traditionally

I want to be able to order an item from the vendor direct to my warehouse AND have the option to be able to drop ship that item to my customer directly.

Based on the documentation:


It doesn’t seem that you can do both, you would have to go to the item, check mark it for drop ship, create the drop ship PO and then come back and uncheck the item from drop ship to make a drop ship order for a item.

If the item is not marked “Delivered by Supplier (Drop Ship)” you can not bypass this in the purchase order screen.

Does anyone have any alternate methods to do this.

Do you create a Sales Order then create the PO once that is submitted for drop shipments to customer?

Yes I do. However if you do not have the item checked for drop shipping you can’t create drop ship PO. So you have to go check
Mark it and then come back to uncheck it for regular orders.

I have items with delivered by supplier checked and can create PO drop ship or not, I just edit Address and Contact and select shipping address or leave it blank.

Have you tried making a material request?

I figured it out, the sales order needs to be in draft format for you to be able to make a drop ship. My mistake was that I was trying to make the drop ship on summited sales order which make sense.

I am not able to create a purchase order (or any other connected doc) from a sales order that has not yet been submitted. How are you able to create a PO off a sales order that is not yet submitted. We have the exact same problem as you for drop shipping, would love to solve this.