Drop support for <= python3.6

F-Strings are a great feature which could replace .format or "Something %s Something else %s %s"%(p1, p2, p3) calls and make code look much cleaner (f"Something {p1} Something else {p2} {p3}"). However, f-strings break on python3.6 or older versions.

Should we introduce f-strings and remove support of <= python3.6 ?

There’s no specific reason for people stick to stick to older python version.
(unless they are using pypy or jython, Which anyhow are breaking with frappe code due to different gc and file closing strategy)

@Himanshu_Mishra lets first remove Python 2 support :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But f-strings look cool, thanks for sharing!

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Looks like this has been done:

f-strings do look very useful