Dropbox Auto Backup and Email notifications not working


So my system crashed completely, and I did re-install of everything including windows, Virtual Box and ERPNext ion virtual box.

So, thankfully I had set up dropbox backup, which would happen daily and I would get a sweet e-mail notification at 12am that your backup is successful.

Since, restoring my back up on the new installation, the automatic backup is not working, and even my mails are not being sent. Dropbox backup is taking place when manually backed up by clicking the"Take BackUp Now" option.

I did try to do a complete new set up of e-mail and dropbox settings but it hasnt seem to work.

Any help in this regards is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


most probably on your new installation the default hostname might be missing. try this, open site_cong.json in nano add the below details…

“host_name”: “http://localhost:80”, (please replace the site default server path here)

save the file and then enable scheduler using the command
bench enable-scheduler

Hi M27,

can you please tell me, exactly where to find the site_cong.json file.

Check on your frappe folder

Thanks a lot.
Worked like a charm :sunglasses:

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