Dropbox backup not being uploaded

Hi All,

The backups in dropbox is not being uploaded, i have given access to the dropbox and the access key is available in the configuration, yet no files are being uploaded to dropbox, can anyone help me with this.


is there any errors ?

can you login using administrator and check error in developer module


There are no errors. in the scheduler log or error snapshot.

If i execute the trigger manually, then the files are being uploaded

bench --site site1.local --force trigger-scheduler-event daily_long

Can anyone help me why it is not being executed automatically ??


i think that the function for the upload it self is not working or there is a lost connection issue not showing…

can you do trace for outbound connections after you try it again to see if the connection is done or not

sorry for the late replies but am on a business trip…

I am also having the same issues.

Just ran: bench --site site1.local --force trigger-scheduler-event daily_long as posted above and it backed up to dropbox with no problems…not sure what to change so I can have this automated like in the past.