Dropbox Backup not working after Restore procedure

I had the backup completely working for weeks and had a major system failure that required me to restore the entire system.

The system restored perfectly and I went about trying to get the backups working again but they will not work automatically.

I can click on the TAKE BACKUP NOW button on the Dropbox Settings page and it will copy the backup files to my Dropbox account still, but it will not do so automatically on a daily basis.

I tried deleting the APP links on Dropbox and recreated them and updated the config file on site1.local and made sure it was set to DAILY and the keys are all saved there too. I also checked the Integration entry for Dropbox is ENABLED.

I don’t get any error messages at all.

I figure it must be something in the scheduler but I’m having a hard time identifying anything.

Thanks for reporting, we will check and update you soon.

Good thing to watch for when restoring. Is your restore pulling E-Mails automatically? I am having trouble there too. Not sure if these two things are connected someway, but there two things to watch out for after restoring:

Drop Box Backups
EMail Pull

BTW: Did you run that command on the server for the backups again? I mean on ubuntu/Linux you have to run a particular command on the Command Line Interface, right? If you need more help on this @umag can help.



Forgive me for being obtuse. I am not sure what pulling e-mails means. I am running this on Ubuntu Server. If there is anything I can do to check it to identify the issue further, let me know.
Everything else on the system seems to be working 100%. It’s just that one little detail that is troublesome.

UPDATE. It turns out it was because the option wasn’t set back to normal after the restore.
Enable Scheduled Jobs was off.
Once I turned it on I got all my backups.
When the restore takes place, should this have been turned back on as it was during the backup?

Restoring backup simply import SQL dump to a database. So it will map last backup state.