Dropbox setup does not work on pressing "Allow Dropbox Access" key after setting up Dropbox keys

When I press “Allow Dropbox Access” a new page opens ups with a url showing http://localhost/?cmd=frappe.integrations.doctype.dropbox_backup.dropbox_backup.dropbox_callback&oauth_token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
But the page is completely blank. It was supposed to create an ERPNext backup folder in my Dropbox but nothing happens. The page is blank and the Dropbox does not show any backup folder.

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@Amarjeet_Singh_Sintu you need to create dropbox application.

Please refer Open Source Users section from

Then set app secret and app key on Dropbox Integration service, save the doc and then generate access token via Allow Dropbox Access

Apps folder was auto generated about 13 hours back with a folder inside named…backups. But it’s empty. The apps folder in dropbox got generated as soon as auth. code was generated not when i clicked allow dropbox button. When I clicked on allow button a new tab opened up with a url but the page itself was blank.

@Amarjeet_Singh_Sintu have you found a resolution yet?

I am now facing the same issue: Dropbox backup authentication broken - erpnext 7.1.8 frappe 7.1.7 · Issue #6875 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I just updated to latest version and still stuck on the saving page. Weird since i’ve got it working on another instance with no issues.

Is this an Issue with ERPNext? I am considering start using an ERP system for my company, but I need a backup security, you know, in case something happens. We currently use another cloud server in our business, called Synology. Are other cloud servers supporter with ERPNext or only Dropbox is allowed?

After trying for hours, days, months, the backup feature did not work for me. What a pity. It should have been done just by pressing a single button “Backup” but I don’t know why it is impossible in ERPNext!!!

Hello, like you I am still having the same issue with connecting ERPNext to Dropobox for backup. I did some tests and found this. The install I am having issues with is on Google Compute Engine, Debian 8 fresh install. For some reason I am getting errors.

I installed ERPNext on a Linode server debian 8 fresh install and it installed with no errors, and connected to dropbox with no errors. I am unsure what the issue is, but it seems to have issues with Google Compute Engine. I posted about this in a different thread and someone also commented with a similar issue hosting on Google. If you are using Google, i’d suggest you try on another host. I will keep investigating as i’d rather keep everything on Google, and was also interested in migrating the s3 backup plugin to use Google’s cloud storage as well.

If anyone has feedback or ideas on this would greatly appreciate. Thanks!

link is dead

lmgtfu https://erpnext.org/docs/user/manual/en/setting-up/integrations/dropbox-backup