Dropping Python 2 support for Frappe Framework

We are dropping support for Python 2 from Frappe Framework version 13. (PR Link)


  • Official support for Python2 has been dropped.
  • Use Python 3 to its full potential and take advantage of new features (eg., f-Strings, type annotations, etc.)
  • To avoid maintaining codebase for 2 python versions.
  • Dependencies have started to drop support for Python 2 like RedisPy

What changes for you?

  • You have to switch your bench to Python 3. How? bench migrate-env python3 (make sure you have Python 3.7 installed on your system)
  • If you have custom apps are written in Python2 use this article to port your Python2 code to Python3

Note: You can still continue to use Python 2 but we won’t guarantee its compatibility.