Dropship workflow but supplier ship to me

We work similar to a drop ship business

  1. Customer place a order, we create a Sale Order
  2. We place a purchase order to supplier on behalf of customer
  3. We pay the purchase order to supplier
  4. Supplier ships items to a 3rd party(Shipping agency, USA warehouse)
  5. 3rd party ship the items to our warehouse in Canada
  6. Customer payment and delivery:
    • Customer comes to our warehouse, make the payment and we deliver the items
    • Customer request a delivery to his address, we charge a fee, and then we ship items with a local 3rd party(we make some profit on this shipping fee)

Its posible to have a workflow for this?

Following: Dropship From Supplier - What is the basic flow? - #2 by umair

we are able to step 1 to 3.
But i not know how to add landed cost for 3rd party when ship the items to our warehouse
Nor how to make the delivery note from 3rd party to Us.

It should be treated as two separate sales and purchase cycle.

  1. Against a Purchase Order, make a purchase receipt. Receive items in your USA warehouse.
  2. Make a material transfer from USA to Canada Warehouse via Stock Entry. Add transportation cost in the additional charges table.
  3. For the transporter service, create a separate purchase invoice and make payment entry against it.
  4. When item is received in your warehouse, create a Delivery Note and Invoice against a sales order.