Dropshipping + stock on website

Hi, I am a new erpNext user, so forgive me if I am missing something simple.

We do a lot of drop shipping without knowing supplier inventory. As such we want to sell products via our erpNext website / portal, but for the life of me, I can not figure out how to allow the sale without inventory. The product always shows “out of stock”.

I have “allow negative stock” checked in the stock setup, and dropshipping is enabled for the item.

Any help / guidance would be appreciated.


Have you tried unchecking “Maintain Stock” checkbox in the Item master page?

Yep, “maintain stock” is un-checked.

If I create a product with “maintain inventory” checked, and issue a purchase order / receive order, which is assinged to a warehouse, then the product becomes “In Stock” and can be purchased. I know I must be doing something wrong, or possibly no one has sold drop shippable products via the erpNext cart / web portal? Hope someone can shed some light on this…

When “Maintain Inventory” is unchecked, I see no difference in the web portal / shopping cart. Remains out of stock.

Have you tried clearing your website and browser cache?

Yes, cleared cache… Also did dance around computer hoping it would help… Thanks for the help so far. I think this is something deeper than just a simple browser issue. I am running latest version:

ERPNext: v9.2.13 (master)

Frappe Framework: v9.2.14 (master)

On Ubuntu 16.04

You can raise a GitHub issue for the same with replication steps.

Actually, I looked at the underlying code behind the “In stock” and the “add to cart” functionality, and there is no connection with the “Maintain Stock” and or “Deliver by Supplier / Drop Shipping” attributes and the website stock / add to cart function.

Essentially, as currently written, it is impossible for any item with zero stock (drop ship items included) to be added to the shopping cart, since stock is always zero. In the decision making process only stock quantity in the website warehouse is considered. Should be a somewhat simple fix, but will have to dig a little deeper.


Do you have the solution ready?