Dubious service provider on erpnext.org

Hi @prakash

Please remove this service provider https://erpnext.org/service-providers/document-or-education.

Thanks @Dale_Scott for reporting this addition to Service Providers in Canada https://erpnext.org/service-providers?country=Canada

@prakash, Can any kind of job posting other than erpnext be visible on job-portal. eg: https://erpnext.org/erpnext-jobs/digital-marketer

I’ve consulted @prakash here is our answer :


Thanks for reporting!

I’ll post the content of referred link here (will be removed)

We have requirements for 2 SEO and Digital Marketing Experts having 
minimum experience of 1.5 years.

Candidates are requested to share your CV <email@ddress.com>

Because this is a free listing it must be related to Frappe/ERPNext or ERPNext community.
If general job listing gets populated here the it becomes irrelevant for Jobs from community.

Valid examples :

  • Digital Artist to design Frappe/ERPNext based Website
  • SEO expert for SEO of self-hosted Frappe/ERPNext sites.
  • System Administrator for self-hosting ERPNext.

Note: We are exploring a possibility of free and open source market place Issues · frappe/hub · GitHub. Add issue/pull request if there is a need for free and open source job portal.

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