Due Date calculation based on different base dates on Sales and Purchase Invoices


We need to customize the due date based on option and calculation to happen on the same

For example;

  1. Day(s) after invoice date
    2. Day(s) after delivery
    3. Day(s) after Proforma Invoice Date

option #1 is predefined one and option #2 and #3 are the newly added options

My worry is I can do the calculation in Custom API and able to get details in the console log and updating those details in custom script of sale invoice by using set value but when I’m going to raise the sale invoice existing calculation only reflecting and am not able to update my resultant due date,

Kindly give your suggestion.

Thanks and Regards
Sunil Govind


I’m interested in something like this as well

I am also very interested in this. i.e. 50% on delivery
Has anybody an idea how to do this?

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Hi Sunil,
did you get any solution