Dunning Status On Payment Entry

Why did Dunning Status Automatic Change To Resolve When I made Only a Payment Entry Of the Sales Invoice? I have to Change the First Status from Resolved to Unresolved then It will Allow Me to Create a Payment Entry Of Dunning. it seems Lendhy Process. Status Should Remain Unresolved Until its Payment Entry Not Found. Please put some attention and Effort To It. if possible and also Guide Me if I am Going Wrong

The Dunning is a reminder to pay the invoice. When the invoice is paid, the Dunning has served its purpose and is resolved.

If you think there’s a bug, please describe in detail what version you’re on and how we can reproduce the wrong behaviour.

You can request this from someone you pay, not from the volunteers on this forum. :wink:

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ok, i got Your Point. my Requirement is that if there is one Dunning in Which I’ve added interest and when I make Payment Entry Of Only sales Invoice its Dunnig gets Resolved but its Payment is still Pending now How can I Make payment Of Resolved Dunning bcz Create-> Payment only show When Dunning is Unresolved

I agree that the ”create payment" button should remain visible until all possible receivables are paid.

However, I would advocate to drive development in the opposite direction: do not account any receivables when submitting a Dunning. The reason being that, in practice, interest and charges are often not paid — just the outstanding invoice. So accounting the fees as receivables just creates more accounting headaches: you have to enforce payment of fees and interest or record the unpaid ones as loss. It would be easier to record the fees, as unexpected additional income with the payment (in case they are actually paid).

Yess thats what i want bcz sometime debtors do the payment of unexpected additional income (interest , fees ) which is done after some time of actule invoice got paid. At that point of time how would i make payment entry of that perticular dunning bcz there is no create-payment button available.