Duplicate Core Doctype - Task

Hi There,

I would like to create an exact replica of Tasks.
I will call it content.

Here are the steps I have taken.

  1. In doctype duplicated the “Task” doctype. Kept all fields the same and changed the naming convention to CONT.#####

  2. In doctype duplicated the Project task doctype. Kept all fields the same. Updated the Task_id link to “Content” (my custom doctype I created )

  3. In Project View added hit Customize > Added a new field called Content = Table = Content

I also setup a content Desktop icon.

The problem I have is when I added a Content to Project View it shows Up on the “Content” view.
However when I add the Content on the content View it does not show up on the Project View.

Am i missing something ?

Adding here works.

However, adding here doesnt reflect on the project view.