Duplicate DocType is not working


I’m new to ERPNext and trying to customize the doctypes as per our requirements. I tried duplicating the ‘Quotation’ doctype so that we can customise it according to our requirements. Before making any updates to the duplicated doctype, I noticed that it is not functioning right. The total amount fields do not appear in the new doctype and are not getting calculated. Can someone help me with this?

Any customisation should be done via an app. This way you will be able to update core without issue. If you make changes to core then on update then system will break and maybe there won’t be an easy way to fix it. Read documentation on how to make an app and override core functions.

Well, I’m referring to creating a duplicate doctype such as a ‘Sales Invoice’.

I followed the instructions given in the documentation. But the duplicated doctype is not working properly.

@Lishantha Did you get it???

I’m too facing the same issue while duplicating Sales Invoice doctype