Duplicate doctype


I am trying to duplicating standard doctype to extend it with custom fields but the problem is get handled as different doctype not as same standard doctype.

for example :
I have standard doctype1 and I create another doctype2 by duplicate, I extend doctype2 with more custom fields or different layout , if I add new record in doctype2 it should be available in doctype1 and doctype2.

Mohammed Abukhamseen

@Mohammed_Redha use Setup > Customize > Personalize Form, to do it!

how to do that?

what the code or customize i should do to make this effect ?

Mohammed Redha

@Mohammed_Redha, do you only need add the new custom fields, in this form!

No, I will rearrange it and delete some extra fields.

@Mohammed_Redha, do you can hide the not required fields, and rearrange the others, and add the custom fields, that do you want in the Customize Form

but i want to keep original form beside customized one

@Mohammed_Redha, So, I really dont got what do you are trying to do:

Actually you cant have 2 documents with the same name.

A nice approach is customize it by customize form, but if do you need add extra-fields, and keep 2 layouts for the same form, the original look, and the new look, maybe do you need a more hardcore solution, that aren’t in the box today!

sorry if i am not able to deliver my idea clearly, my scenario like this:
in Journal Entry form we have Entry Type combo-box to define entry type, i don’t like this.
i want to create different form for each type like

  • form for Journal Entry
  • form for bank Entry
  • form for cash Entry
  • form for credit card Entry and so on …

@Mohammed_Redha Why not a Quick Entry dialog? Like active already exists in the new versions?


I am not able to see it!

it is ask for user name and password

@Mohammed_Redha go to http://demo.erpnext.com fist, click on Launch Demo and click on the last link again