Duplicate Item Name in New Item

How do I can restrict or at least display same/ Similar Item name already added to database. as i have huge list of Item and recreation of Item is more likely possible.

Set item as Unique in Customize Form.

Thanks Muzzy.
But what if we provide double space or bit differ in spelling like use of ‘ee’ in place of ‘i’??
Is there any way we can display matching name while type-ing item name so one can verify where name is there or not

No it wont work. The Item Name field does not search hence it wont be possible. I believe it has been kept such to make sure user dont select existing name. Your best bet is Excel with few rules. Else you can write a script if you know how to do it.

Once information is cleaned you can re-upload the file the file. Choose Update Existing Record to ensure system writes to existing Item and not creating new.

Same items can be merged as well. Click Menu > Rename > check Merge and chose with which item this item should be merged.

Thanks for guiding me.:+1::+1:

Hi, I have issue also about duplicated item name. And although I use customize form to set Unique for item_name, I can still create duplicated item name. Do you have any clue?


  • I test the same with other Doctype, the unique works fine, only item_name that not work.
  • I have check to make sure that, no duplication of item_name in current item list
  • I already try log out, clear cache, bench migrate, but it still not works.