Duplicate Name columns shown in list view

I had been commenting on a github issue about this but it seems those aren’t monitored closely: Duplicate columns "name" and "title" · Issue #12547 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

It seems that the “Title” and “Name” columns are always displayed in the list view. For many doctypes Name is the Title column, meaning Name is shown twice. This takes up a lot of screen real estate and is pretty confusing for users too who would like to get rid of it. In some cases it would be nice to see a list view without Name or Title displayed, unclear why this is a limitation.

Is there some way to fix this or is it a limitation of the framework currently? Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but seems like the former to me.

This discussion will help you.

I have updates the issue Duplicate columns "name" and "title" · Issue #12547 · frappe/frappe · GitHub