Duplicate name error even when Update records is checked

In Data Import Tool, i tried to import some data which is already existing .

I give the Update records Checkbox but Duplicate Name error is thrown.

I was trying to import a csv file with one or two extra records which is not in system.

Update records is working as expected ?

Can you please share the screenshot of the excel file you are importing? What is the value in the Brand you are trying to over-write?

If you want to update the Brand ID itself, you should use Rename Tool.

In this case,Eucalyptus and Gurjan is already there in the system.I was trying to import New Pine and Redwood

Then only keep new Brands to be created.

In the Data Import, do not check Update Only.

Thanks !

I’m having the duplicate name error, but all my rows are unique? It fails at row 1154 and It does not work with Update Records checked or unchecked.

Can you please share the error message? Also, in which Doctype and field are you trying to over-write values?

Hi @umair


It’s a custom Doctype.

I can’t understand why I have managed to import about 5000+ rows from 23 other files but it fails on this one. In the example the first line imports but the second doesn’t. They are, generally of the same format.

Error as below: