Duplicate name GL Entry GL0000258

Hi All,
for unknown reason, my GL Entry series numbers are messed up and i am prompted with Duplicate error. How to set/reset the series? It seems GL series is not editable via naming series.



You can change the series count from Naming Series form.

Goto Explore > Setup > Data > Naming series


GL series is not listed

Can customization done on this front? Like editing in GL_Entry.py or custom script? Did you manually delete or added GL Entry?

i think syncing db of 2 servers messed this up, wouldn’t have this problem under normal usage.

In your database, go into tabSeries and search for name = GL and update the value there.

That will solve this particular problem. However, you may have other unknown problems in your database.

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yea i did that, thanks

Does manually adding GL Entry causes this ?

Disturbing current value for Naming Series does it.


GL Entry is always created in the backend based on the accounting transactions made. GL Entry is never created directly and manually.

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