Duplicate name Item Price RFD/03610

Hi Everyone.

I import a number items price from csv file, After this I am having a issue, now I am not able to enter price from erpnext web interface. But I am able to enter price import and export tool.

The issue is now the current RFD number is RFD/03950 but it still stuck at 0361, while entering price value from web interface it gives the below error.

Duplicate name Item Price RFD/03610
Item Price RFD/03610 already exists
Did not save

It gives the error because this RFD is already existed, If I delete this one than It will accept the value for one item price value, it will again give the error on next item.

Now, how can I reset this indexing to last value RFD/03950 in code or database. or reindexing of this item price table to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Amit Bondwal

You can reset the series to 3950 from Setup → Settings → Naming Series. Check Not Found

Thankyou very much nabin, It resolved my issue.