Duplicate name UOM Conversion Detail UCDD/00001

how to clear this type of
error in Erpnext in Creating new item

You might done direct database edits.

Check this.



I also get this error when creating a new item (any name I chose):

Duplicate name UOM Conversion Detail UCDD/00001
Item OK-TEST-12323 already exists
Did not save

What is the origin? How can I fix this?

Thank you !

Thank You @ metha
My query was solved

These are the steps for solve
Desktop-Setup-Settings-Naming Series-Update Series

In update Series Select UCDD in Prefix

Then Enter Current value of UCDD

Thank for your reply. I don’t have a UCDD prefix in the list. I cannot create any new item due to this error, no matter the name I chose.

You may have directly inserted in to the database (?)

The fix is the same, you will have to update tabSeries