Duplicate Price List does not copy item prices

I posted this as an issue on GitHub but perhaps this is the appropriate forum as I seem to be missing something.

When I duplicate an existing Price List a new empty price list is created. Nothing seems to be duplicating. Please see screenshots or Issue #14441
for more details.

Here, I have already created price list 2018JUN11_POs.

Now this is the screen that comes up when I duplicate 2018JUN11_POs.

This in turn creates an empty price list.

What is the information about my existing price that is supposed to be duplicated?

Duplicating the Price List just creates an entry for the Price List and not the entries for the documents it is linked to.

For example, let say you have an Item and this item has sales order, sales invoice, etc linked to it. Now if you duplicate this item, it’ll just create another entry in the item list. What it won’t do is, create all the transactions that the original item had. It means sales order, sales invoice, etc wont be automatically duplicated for this duplicate item.

Similarly, Price List duplication will just create another entry in its list and it wont create entries for item price that the original was linked to.

I hope this makes it clear.

This clears things up. Thanks for the info!