Duplicate Serial No. in Purchase Receipt

Hi, We are using erpnext for trading.

We have activated Serial no for few items. But recently we noticed our supplier is sending new items with previous Serial No. And ERPnext is also accepting same it at Purchase Receipt Level.

But, at the time of Sales Invoice ERPNext gives message that this Serial No. has been already billed with Bill No.- XXXX and do not let save the Invoice. Which make us to modify/Cancel whole cycle from Purchase Receipt.

So I want to check this serial No. at Purchase receipt level and stop. Can anyone help me with this.

Hi @Sumit_Arora

Thanks for reporting an issue
Can you please make github issue for it.

@rohit_w will this issue take time to resolve. We are ERPnext hosted user.

If it can be done in few days then good. Otherwise do let me know if it will take more time, So I keep looking for alternate solution.

Updated on Github Issue: