Duplicate Series for PO transaction


I am creating PO transaction and this message appeared
Duplicate name Purchase Order PO-18-0000055
Purchase Order PO-18-0000055 already exists
Did not save

How and where can I check which table needs to be adjusted?

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The error states that another Purchase Order with the same name i.e. PO-18-0000055 already exists.

Can you please check if your autoname is set to a naming series or to a certain field in the Purchase Order ?

Hi Sir,

As per checking, auto name value is naming_series which is equivalent to the Series field (PO transaction).
I encountered that error before and was able to fix by adjusting value in a certain table. I just forgot what table i adjusted before.

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I thought the name was set to take values of some field like Supplier Invoice or the like.

Were you able to save the PO then ? How did you solve it ?

Hi Sir,

We created a facility that could rename transaction series. What really happened which I found out recently is that the system skipped a series number (i.e. last number stored is 10 but the system saved 12 not 11). To prevent from changing or manipulating the internal data I just created a dummy transaction and rename it with the skipped series.

But before, I queried for a table and update the current value of the series.

You queried tabSeries and updated the value for Purchase Order’s naming series, if I am guessing it right ?

Yeah, you’re right.