Duplicated Contact Name on patient creation using already existing customer

Description of the issue

When creating a new patient with an already created customers it shows the following error

Context information (for bug reports)

when you create a customer an then you fill up all fields from patient information, when saving it says “duplicated contact name”, i changed the name of contact and saved and it worked, customer creation saves a contact and patient creation tries to save a new contact with the same name
Output of bench version

bench_manager 0.0.1
erpnext 13.10.0
frappe 13.10.0

Looks like a bug, will fix shortly. Thanks


@NoxZiegler When you are creating a patient for an existing customer, are you selecting customer from the patient doctype?

Hi, yes i am, i first create the cuatomer and then i create the patient

@akurungadam has raised a bug fix for this issue at https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/pull/27427

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oh thanks, lets wait the commit be aproved, i’m really thankful