Duplicating Assessment Result for Custom Assessment Results

Hi ERPNext team,
I have duplicated doctypes: Assessment Result and Assessment Result Detail
duplicated doctypes are: WIT Assessment Result and WIT Assessment Result Detail

I copied the original code attached in Assessment Result js file to custom code of new doctypes,

cur_frm.add_fetch("student", "title", "student_name");
cur_frm.add_fetch("assessment_plan", "grading_scale", "grading_scale");
cur_frm.add_fetch("assessment_plan", "maximum_assessment_score", "maximum_score");

frappe.ui.form.on("Assessment Result", {
	assessment_plan: function(frm) {
		if (frm.doc.assessment_plan) {
				method: "erpnext.education.api.get_assessment_details",
				args: {
					assessment_plan: frm.doc.assessment_plan
				callback: function(r) {
					if (r.message) {
						frm.doc.details = [];
						$.each(r.message, function(i, d) {
							var row = frappe.model.add_child(frm.doc, "Assessment Result Detail", "details");
							row.assessment_criteria = d.assessment_criteria;
							row.maximum_score = d.maximum_score;

But when I select Assessment plan it is not populating Assessment Criteria (Assessment Result Detail) Table.
Original Assessment Result screenshot: Showing populated table

Duplicated Assessment Result screenshot: showing unpopulated table

Please help what i am missing here

I figured it out, I did mistake in below line:

I changed it to
frappe.ui.form.on("WIT Assessment Result"

was my mistake.

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