Dynamic Image issue in Print Designer

I am tryng to create Employee ID Card using Print Designder. Its a very good app for print format designing. But I cannot fetch dynamic images. I added an image of an employee, but no image showing. What is the issue here?

@Lone_Wolf will be fixed by tomorrow. look out for new release. Thank you.


@maharshivpatel Thanks for the reply. After selecting a static image and save, it will removed auto. Please fix this issue also. And if possible, add image custom stying options with css.

@Lone_Wolf image issue fixed in fix: await formattedValue and don't format image url by maharshivpatel · Pull Request #324 · frappe/print_designer · GitHub.

image styling with css is not possible because wkhtmltopdf doesn’t support latest styling while generating pdf.

Thank you.

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Hi @maharshivpatel
While we use the Image View column in our Quotation/Invoice/RFQ print formats, only the jpg images are supported. i.e. if the image attached to the item master is in jpg format then it shows in IMAGE VIEW column and if it is in webp/png/jpeg format, the images doesn’t show in the the pdf document. However, all the images are visible while we are creating/editing the print format.
Can you advise if there is anything missing from our end???