Dynamic item attributes

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I’m using erpNext for electronic BOM creation, as well as accounting/buying/selling/stocking. I am creating items for things like resistors, capacitors, diodes, LED’s and IC’s. The system is capable of doing mostly what I want, albeit simplistic, by linking via the item code to the eBOM.

Using these sorts of components with 5 or 6 attributes results in many many possible combinations. If you take an example of a resistor, we have package type, number of leads, value, voltage rating, maximum power, and I could go on and on with many optional parameters.

I have some questions:

  1. Is it possible to have an empty attribute? Some of the components may not have certain parameters defined, and the only option I seem to be able to find is to create multiple variants each with different combinations of fields. I have added a not specified attribute value to the list of vales, wiht a dot (.) for the shorthand, but this is not ideal and does not work on numerical values.
  2. Is it possible to have an optional attribute in a variant - so that I can decide not to include it?
  3. I think it may be a buglet, but when I enter a numerical attribute as zero when creating an item from a variant, the zero is not carried across to the item when saving.
  4. What would be really helpful is the ability to make variants of variants, where each subsequent variant will pick up the attribute list from its parent. Similar to inheritance in OO. This way I could define, e.g. capacitor with basic values, then ceramic capacitor and add the dielectric, and aluminium and add package size. If this is not possible, where would I insert a script to create an item based on the fields supplied?
  5. How would I go about adding support so that I could set up alternatives, e.g. item1 can replace item 2 if necessary?

Possible feature request:

  1. Add an import tool that works with standard schematic capture programs.

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@tony1 Welcome to the forum!

Not out of the box. Maybe you can set a “Not Set” value

You can always “duplicate” an object while creating a new variant.

You can create multiple BOMs for the same item, but you will have to select the right BOM at time of Production Order.

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