Dynamic Link error

I am getting the error insufficient permission for Dynamic Link. How can this be resolved?

@Mugambi does your logged in user have read / select permission for that doctype ?

Sorry I cannot see this doc under Role permission manager. Are these rights granted under doc type? kindly advise am very green here

@Mugambi No. not this doc,

Go to Role Permission Manager > Document = Doctype, Select role and add select permission

I cannot find the doc on this list. this is my problem

@Mugambi can you please share your field SS

Sorry @Hardik_Gadesha. What is field SS?

fields screenshot

Dynamic link is not among the list

@Mugambi I want to see the document in which you are facing error


opening customer or supplier doc

This error is for a customer called Bimel

Greetings @Hardik_Gadesha Have you managed to check on my issue?