Dynamic recipient in Email alerts

Hi all,

   I want to setup an email alert when a purchase order gets submitted. The recipient is the supplier.

I will add a custom field “Email ID” in supplier doctype. When a purchase order is submitted, the email should be sent to the supplier’s email ID. How to configure this in email alerts?

You anyway have supplier email id into suppliers address master, why do you want to add additional field and capture dynamic emails ids for one supplier?

OK assuming I use the suppliers address master, how do I configure this in email alerts? Recipient is showing only owner/customer’s contact, do not have option for supplier.

On Submitting the PO, you get pop-up notification for email sending option. In the TO field you could include the email and send email from their. I don’t see a need for setting up additional email alert for sending PO

I need to automate sending email, when a PO is submitted, mail should be sent to the Supplier’s mail ID.

Jithendra, the gap between Submit of PO and Sending an email is by design. It is a good practice to have a time lapse, so that following two points could be considered:
(i) any error or correction needed in the submitted PO, which gets identified after submit is not auto forwarded to Supplier.
(ii) additional email notes, and body of text is given in side the email sending pop-up, so that it looks more like a real email then a system generated notification - I’m talking about these additional options.

For email alerts, i understand that it is not a real time scheduling. It generates email alert on certain frequencies during the day. But you have to try out and share what happens.

There is an Email Alerts which can be triggered when some doctype is submitted/created/cancelled,… I have issue with the recipient list. There are only 2 options available, owner/customer contact email. Probably it should list the supplier contact email, since customer is not relevant to purchase order.

any updates?