E Commerce: How to display different prices based on customer group

Hey all,

I’m currently evaluating options to setup a new webshop that is deeply connected to ERPNext. Obviously one of the options is to use the ERPNext Website/ECommerce module.

There are 2 or 3 main requirements:

    • Is it possible to only allow registered users to buy items?
    • Is it possible to have new registrations to be confirmed first, before they can shop?
    • Is it possible to display different prices based on customer group? If yes, how? Price lists or pricing rules?
    • Does anyone have any experiences around performance of the system? We are expecting to display around 40.000 items in the shop and different groups/attributes to filter with.

Would appreciate any kind of feedback and experiences, also if you’ve made experiences with other webshops via integrations.


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Hello - according to this article, price is not a field that syncs between the Shopify site and ERP next in the eCommerce integration. Only the following fields sync:

ERPNext Field Shopify Field
Item Name Title
Item Code SKU
Description body Description
Item Group Product Type
Weight per Unit Weight
Weight UOM Weight UOM

THis is the item-level sync. There is a Inventory and Order sync as well, not sure which fields sync there.