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Hai All,

I am trying to do a e-commerce site using ERPNext. My aim is to incorporate multiple companies’ products in the same site. So whenever a customer / trader comes he must be able to choose different products from different companies and add it to his Cart. My idea is to show different company names or logos in the website and by clicking one company name/company logo, the site should show the products of that particular company.

Is this really possible in ERPNext? I know multiple companies can be created in ERPNext, But only one login is needed. And the all the companies must be listed in Website’s homepage for the customer/Traders to select. Anyone know about this?

@Amalendu possible, you will have to customize the front-end though

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Thanks for the reply…
I will try this and try to explore more customized features from ERPNext.

@Amalendu any updates of this? If you did, can you open source it?