E-invoice in erpnext

So, i have bought some api from Adequare and also followed the steps mentioned on erpnext manual to register for einvoice on gst portal. Still i cannot figure out where do I put the secret and client for the Adequare app that I generated. What me putting this in erpnext how will the portal know that I am the one submitting a request to generate irn


Please check this reply if it helps.

I am working on putting a guide for open source users.

You need to put that in your site_config.json file and key for that is

  1. einvoice_client_id
  2. einvoice_client_secret

Hi Saqib,

Yes, that would be awesome. I am happy t help you put together this guide any which way I can.



Thanks much

Pls do. This is going to be of great help

Hi, Thanks for the help
we are facing the below address error. we correct the address but show the same.