E-invoice status validation

Hello @snv @Smit_Vora ,
when we try to save the invoice system throws the error as shown below

as you can see there is no option selected as Not Applicable in the below image

please help me to get out of this as our client not able to save any invoices with this
Thank You

Custom fields from India Compliance app is exported in custom app and is causing this issue.
Although a field is updated in India Compliance app, it’s getting reverted back in your site, as it’s part of your custom app.

There may be exported customisation(Custom Fields) in your custom app for the einvoice_status field which we have updated with new options.

To resolve the issue kindly remove exported customisation for India Compliance Related Field from your app.

Also run bench execute india_compliance.gst_india.setup.create_custom_fields. This will modify the fields to latest config required.


Hope this helps.

its on the cloud how can we resolve there? can we update india_complaince

First remove the exported customisations related to India Compliance app from your custom apps and the update the India Compliance App.