E-Invoicing in India

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The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) mandated GST E-invoicing from January 1, 2021 if turnover exceeds Rs. 100 Crores. The Board notified that E-invoicing is mandatory from January 1, 2021 for every taxpayer other than SEZ unit whose aggregate turnover in any of the Financial Year from 2017-18 exceeds Rs. 100 Crores. The Government, further amended the Notification No. 13/2020 Central Tax, dated the 21st March, 2020 wherein the first paragraph, with effect from the 1 January, 2021, for the words “five hundred crore rupees”, the words “one hundred crore rupee” shall be substituted.

Do we have any update or consideration to accommodate the feature of e-invoicing in the next minor or major release of ERPNext?

Is there any user/client/firm in this community who have already adopted a solution or workaround to mitigate the requirement? or have idea how they are going to achieve it?

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This is WIP:



That’s great to know. Thanks for the reply @kennethsequeira.
Do you have any idea when it is going to release (in which version of ERPNext)?

This will be a part of version 13 for sure.

@nextchamp.saqib can perhaps share if this will be released for users on any of the lower versions?

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Thanks, @kennethsequeira for the update.

@nextchamp.saqib I have seen you are putting tremendous efforts to implement the “E-invoicing” feature in the ERPNext. Kudos to you all folks. Can you please let us know, whether there is a plan for releasing the feature in any of the lower version releases before the release of v13?

Yes. This will be a part of v12 as well.


Thanks @nextchamp.saqib for the update .

Hi @nextchamp.saqib and all,

Is it possible to generate a QR code in PNG file format using “Signed QR Code” generated from IRP (Invoice Registration Portal)?

I suggest to review GitHub - metafloor/bwip-js: Barcode Writer in Pure JavaScript

You can host it on same server or a different VM and it can serve all your barcode needs - including barcode labels that are unique for each document. In print format you can create custom html field to point to the URL (including the string to be barcoded) and it will return the png back which is embedded in the pdf. Search for “bwipjs” on this forum and you will find more details…

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Thanks @zerodiscount. It worked for me.