E Invoicing India GST Category SEZ

I have set up the E Invoicing, It is working completely fine for all the scenarios, Except
if the company is a SEZ GST Category.
Whenever I raise a Sales Invoice with the company registered as SEZ GST Category the option to raise IRN will not appear. I think I am doing something wrong while setting up of SEZ or something.
Please help.

When SEZ GST Category is selected, Export Type field becomes visible with options With Payment of Tax and Without Payment of Tax
If second option is selected, IRN option will become invisible

Usually for all the Invoice, with or without payment of Tax, option to generate IRN should be available. But it is missing with the second option (without payment of tax). Is there any way around or any solution?

I think this should be working fine. We use it actively (with v14).

What version of ERPNext are you using?

Also, it would be better if you elaborated on the issue in more detail, with screenshots. It can help pinpoint the problems.

Thank you. Issue solved. ERPNext Version: 13

For a sales invoice, In GST Details, If
GST Category is “SEZ”,
Export type is “Without Payment of Tax”
Generally E Invoicing Option Doesnt appear.

Work Around solution is to add 0% tax in the Sales Taxes and Charges table.
This 0% tax is a basically a dummy entry which triggers the E Invoice button to reappear.