E-Mail Alert Attachments still in EN despite default print language is DE

As the title says, I have setup an email alert which sens invoice to customers including the invoice attached as pdf document.

The print language inside the invoice is set to ‘de’.

The customer has its only address object to be Germany.

When I preview the print in the invoice module the preview and generated PDF is ‘de’.

However, when the email alert generates the pdf and sends it out the language used is ‘en’.

Bug or Settings?

The issue is fixed

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Unfortunately the bug is not fixed.

I am on the most recent version both in frappe and erpnext.

However, the attached invoice pdf document is still in english although all settings are set to DE as written in my original post.

As said, the email and the attachment are generated through and email alert trigger.

Frappe (master) is currently on 10.20

The issue was fixed in V 10.13 as well. You can try updating to the latest first and see if the issue is solved. Else it’ll be better to create a GitHub issue for this.

Yes, I posted the wrong screenshot. Updated the screenshot. I am currently facing the issue on Frappe 10.20 and ERPNext 10.19

Where do I raise a GitHub issue for this? Newbie here.

Here you go:

Newbie here.

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did you resolve the issue regarding the print template language on email alerts in the end?


Back then, I was not able to solve it. That is why I built my own custom templates that by default/hardcoded use the German language.

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Hey @ARAGATO , thanks for your answer! How did you change the names of the columns in the print view?