E-mail campaign status not being updated by schedule

Please, someone can help me with the issue below, I have v13 installed and can’t execute the schedule, My Email Campaign doesn’t update and the e-mails are not being sent.

Below, is the image of an email campaign I’m at the finish date already, but the status don’t change.

I tried to force schedule with the command below:

bench execute erpnext.crm.doctype.email_campaign.email_campaign.set_email_campaign_status

but nothing is happening.

Someone can please help me with this problem?


Actually, to accomplish this task, I’m manually changing the start date of the email campaign to change the status, then I trigger the sending of e-mail using the command below.

bench execute erpnext.crm.doctype.email_campaign.email_campaign.send_email_to_leads_or_contacts

@schilgod @trentmu @vrms @Tropicalrambler @rahy Any of you guys can give me a hand with this problem?

Maybe others can help you.
I’ve never use email campaign. And still on v12 :slight_smile:

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Is this a fresh install or upgrade ?
Was the emails ever working when did it stop working?
Have you checked in error logs if the system shows any errors , how about the email ques have you checked that ?


Yes I check the error log, there’s no log.

e-mail queue is working but status update not, even when I force the execution of it, as I mentioned above.

I’ve checked the schedule has a self.status = .

It’s updated on method, but not in db…