E-mails are not attached


I think this problem is related to localizations, as that as other problems not unresolved yet.

My versions are:

ERPNext: v12.14.0 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.12.0 (version-12)

My ERPNext installation is in Spanish, but some types appear in English, such as DocType, which causes some forms to show errors when saved.

Well, in the case of e-mails, I have an e-mail account whose e-mails should be attached to an Issue (“Incidencia” in Spanish).

When I choose the option in the dropdown, it appears in Spanish in the list, but when I select, it appears in English.


Using that configuration and if I send a test e-mail to that account, the e-mail is removed from the mailbox, showing that it was processed by ERPNext, however, e-mail is not shown in Issues List page.

On the other hand, if I configure that same e-mail account, but I attach to Communication:


It works.

Why e-mail is attached to Communication but not to Issues? I think it is related to translations, but I am not sure.

Can you lend me a hand, please?