E-Shop with complexe product

We have to sell stickers that are cut into plastic rolls. The rolls are 10 meters. and the stickers are 1.3 meters maximum is made 7 in the roll and it remains 0.9 meters. How do we in ERP to express the fact of having to choose another roll for the production, that there remains 0.9 meter for the accountancy and that the Eshop is out of order potential for example if it remains more than lengths insufficient to do the production?


This expresses your UOM case

In the example a Box contains 10 Pens, so a conversion factor to Stock UoM of 10.

While in your case a Roll that contains 10 meters, so a conversion factor to Stock UoM of 10 meters, & each Sticker uses up 1.3 meters. The 0.9 meters left over is waste.