E-waybill threshold limit different for inter & intra state

The e-waybill threshold limit is different for inter & intra State
However in GST settings, there is provision for only one limit

Can we have different threshold limit for inter & intra state


This limit is not meant to correlate exactly with the limits prescribed by each state.

A lot of states have different limits and some states have caveats as well. To keep things simple, we have kept only one threshold.

Since it is okay for a business to generate e-Waybills even in not required based on transaction value, we expect users to specify their lowest applicable threshold.

A business may even set the threshold to an amount less than the legally required amount (e.g. ₹40,000) based on their internal decisions.

thanks for the reply
but can we have a custom field, or any workaround to have different threshold limits