Earned leave of frequency Half yearly is not getting allocated to an employee


We’ve created a leave policy and granted to an employee. Where one of the component(Casual Leave) in the leave policy was of frequency ‘Half Yearly’.
And we triggered “erpnext.hr.utils.allocate_earned_leaves” this scheduler for all 12 months of the leave period.
This results in proper allocation of leaves for monthly and quarterly but for half yearly leaves are not getting allocated.
Following are the screenshot of Leave period,Leave policy and employee leave balance report
Leave Policy:

Casual leave frequency - Half-yearly
18 Casual leave frequency - Monthly
2 Casual leave frequency - quarterly
4 sick leave frequency - quarterly
sick leave - Haly-yearly

Leave balance after one month :

Leave balance after one year :

As we can see that the leave balance of casual leave (half-yearly frequency) is still 0 after one year.