Earned leaves from day 1 (i.e. from joining date of an employee)


We have created an employee with the name Employee 1 and joining date 1st Jan 2020.

We want to grant him 24 annual leaves i.e. Casual Leaves = 18 days. Sick Leaves = 6 days. So 2 (i.e. 1.5 + 0.5) leaves per month. So we’ve made the following two types (i.e. Casual and Sick) as Earned Leaves on a monthly frequency and made a leave policy with these two types and attached it to Employee 1

And granted these leaves to the Employee 1 with leave period as 1-1-2020 to 31-12-2020

But on day 1 when the employee logs in, he does not see any leaves that he can apply for. How can I get the earned leaves working from day 1?