Earnings table not showing earnings when using Jinja Template


i am trying to modify the salary slip so i decided to devide the earning types to our needs, but the problem is when i call the earnings table using jinja it shows only the earnings defined in the salary structure but not the ones in the salary slip and showing it as 0.00 only…

am using:
{%- for row in doc.earnings-%}{{row.e_type}}{{ row.get_formatted("e_amount", doc) or ''}}{%- endfor -%}

the result is :

Basic฿ 30,000.00Language฿ 5,000.00Transportation฿ 15,000.00Diligent Work฿ 0.00Position Income฿ 0.00Special Earning฿ 0.00Bonus฿ 0.00Commission฿ 0.00Holiday Work฿ 0.00Over Time฿ 0.00expense claim฿ 0.00Transportation฿ 0.00

but the actual is:

฿ 30,000.00
฿ 5,000.00
฿ 15,000.00
4Diligent Work
฿ 100,000.00
5Position Income
฿ 200.00
6Special Earning
฿ 300.00
฿ 400.00
฿ 500.00
9Holiday Work
฿ 600.00
10Over Time
฿ 700.00
11expense claim
฿ 800.00
฿ 900.00

@rmehta who we can tag for important bugs or maybe it’s not a bug but need attention


@ramielian you have to build the HTML <table> yourself.

Table fields do not automatically display as tables.

@rmehta I built the table, I dont have problem in html but the problem is in the output it’s 0 after the third output