Easy Backup / Restore policy

Hello. I’ve been trying to look into erpnext as a replacement to closed source software and i love this entire community, what they’ve accomplished. I am running an accounting firm which does taxes/books of clients and erpnext sounds like a great upgrade to our multiple softwares we use daily and to that end, i got a bitnami instance a few months ago and ive been playing around it for some time now but there is one thing that is nagging at me.
I am a sucker for backups, 3-2-1 policy, raid, offsite weekly backups you name it. With the usual software we have today, there is usually a scheduled or at least a 1 click backup solution that lets me stay at peace. If the pc blows up or there is serious error somewhere, i can just restore on a new instance and ill be up and running in a moment. With erpnext, i dont see that.

there is one dropbox option but for those who are running the software locally, there isnt much.
Here are my recomendations:

  1. set up a 1 click backup all/selected sites and have the user download a single zip file or whatever .
  2. customisations that we do to each site or global setting, they should be backed up as well.
  3. 1 click restore at installation so that if we have a backup, we can get started right away.
  4. scheduled backups, say twice a day the software would prepare the backup and the user would be intimated to download the backup file.

If you’re not comfortable with CLI, checkout Bench Manager