Easy Install doesn't work for Linux Mint 18

I tried to install ERPnext 10 in my local laptop wiht Linux Mint 18, and got this error:

python install.py --develop --user frappe
Sorry, the installer doesn't support linuxmint 18. Aborting installation!

Seems a similar error like in this post.
What shall I do the easiest way then? I don’t know about docker.

I did a manual install as described in this hitchikers guide. It works, however, I’m stucked in the setup as I wrote in this post

How committed to Mint are you? When installing into an OS where the Frappe team hasn’t done any testing, you just don’t know what errors you might see that haven’t been encountered before, like the threading error in your post. I’ve never seen that one before.
All that said, installs are one of the things about Frappe that are just plain hard. There are so many pieces that you have to understand and get to play nice before you can get something running.

I’m using my Linux Mint since several years, at least 5 years already. I runs many Python apps with Linux Mint also, mostly using virtual environment. Thus, I was also concerned about the installation without virtual env, even bench does this for us.
Good to know that Frappe team hasn’t don any testing under Linux Mint. Normally, there is no different between Linux Mint and Ubuntu.
Well, it seems I have to figure out myself. So do you think this the thread errors come from Frappe platform or the erpnext apps? From the logs it comes from frappe-bench.

Thanks for the hint @tmatteson!

I found this commit. However, I cannot find the commit in the branch history History for playbooks/install.py - frappe/bench · GitHub.

So the commit was not accepted?

Hey @yogi, it looks there wasn’t a lot of testing behind it, if you look at the comments section. So it looks like the commit was not merged.