Easy Install fails at TASK dns_caching : Add dnsmasq to network config

Clean CentOS7 build Any idea? Thanks, Kevin

TASK [dns_caching : Add dnsmasq to network config] ************************************************************************
ERROR! The requested handler ‘restart network manager’ was not found in either the main handlers list nor in the listening handlers list
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “install.py”, line 387, in
File “install.py”, line 109, in install_bench
run_playbook(‘site.yml’, sudo=True, extra_vars=extra_vars)
File “install.py”, line 325, in run_playbook
success = subprocess.check_call(args, cwd=os.path.join(cwd, ‘playbooks’))
File “/usr/lib64/python2.7/subprocess.py”, line 542, in check_call
raise CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)
subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command ‘[‘ansible-playbook’, ‘-c’, ‘local’, ‘site.yml’, ‘-e’, ‘@/tmp/extra_vars.json’, ‘–become’, ‘–become-user=frappe’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1

You are running install with sudo from a non-root user account?

That is your command line looks likes this:

frappe@ubuntu:~$ sudo python install.py --develop --user frappe

Thanks, I am getting further now but have another error and I will open up another topic. Not sure how you figured that out based upon the error message! Nice job! I have admin privileges on that account but I didn’t run it as sudo. Thanks again, Kevin