Easy Install for Separate App and Separate DB Server

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I have been using Easy Install Approach in installing ERPNext which install both the App and Database in the Same Server. I would like to Separate App and DB into Separate Server.

I searched, the Easy Install script and was not able to find option to give the remote DB Server URL.

Is it possible to Use Easy Install Approach in Installing the App and DB into Separate Server?


No. Not possible with easy install.

Easy install sets up mariadb configuration when it installs locally.

External server has to be configured separately, MariaDB conf for Frappe · frappe/bench Wiki · GitHub

to setup external mariadb host use command bench set-mariadb-host or edit the common_site_config.json, Using Frappe with Amazon RDS (or any other DBaaS) · frappe/frappe Wiki · GitHub

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Hi @revant_one. Thanks for the Response.
One additional clarification.
Before pointing the Remote DB, i need to take local DB backup, and then after pointing the Remote DB, should just restore it using bench restore cmd.

Would the default site1.local work for the remote DB also? Or do i need to create new site?


  • configure database server
  • change bench config to point to external mariadb
  • create new site. (this site will be created on external db. Provide correct db root password)

no need to backup restore then

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