eBay Integration Needed - Any Ideas?

Hi All

I’m working with a great developer in regard to eBay integration. Can I ask, has anyone managed to do it already? Are there any plans for ERPNext to offer this as a standard? And what about simple Zapier integration which would solve a lot of these issues?

Thanks for your help!


There is a zapier connector you can find on GitHub and saw this on GitHub as well GitHub - bglazier/erpnext_ebay

I have no idea if it works

Thanks for this. The eBay solution on GitHub seems to be unfinished and outdated. Personally, I believe it will have to be developed from scratch. I was sort of hoping someone had already developed it, and we could buy a copy from them.

The Zapier connection is also a good idea, but it is still a little complicated. I would have thought that ERPNext would have developed an integration like this, as it opens the door to 1000s of apps and add huge value to their system.