eBay Integration

Hi Guys,

For your information, I have made some progress with integrating eBay and Erpnext.

The code is on Github here:

Currently, only the importing of customers and addresses really works well. This has been tested and is running now on our production server saving us a lot of time in entering customers and addresses on sales orders.

I am currently working on sales order import.

We spent a lot of time developing code to automate listing to eBay. But found this to be very involved with eBay categories and so on. Currently, we are using a temporary solution that output ITEM records to xml format to import to GarageSale (similar to TurboLister). The code is available for this if anyone is interested.

I guess I letting you know as some of you may find this of use.


Ben Glazier


@bglazier . Many thanks

Good stuff. I don’t personally use eBay, but it looks like a lot of good contributions are coming out of the community lately. I’m wondering if there is a more formal way to integrate with erpnext without worries of versioning or third parties/updates

why not using the python ebay sdk directly? GitHub - timotheus/ebaysdk-python: eBay API SDK for Python

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